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The Pembroke Housing Authority's (PHA) ExpoGro Program encourages local youth (ages six to 18) to reach their full potential by improving academic achievement, boosting self-esteem, developing social competence, and avoiding problem/high-risk behavior through mentoring and tutoring by PHA Resident Services staff.

The ExpoGro Program is an after-school tutoring/mentoring program that engages "at-risk" youth through field trips to local organizations and UNC-Pembroke for educational experiences. The program also provides research in a computer lab, academic enhancement skills, and daily transportation from the PHA Community Center for program participants. Summer recreational programs during the months of June, July and August engage the youth in interactive learning and recreational activities at various locations within the surrounding area. The ExpoGro program plays a key role in engaging youth and their families in the life learning process by providing opportunities to explore interests, gain competency in real life skills, solve problems, assume leadership roles, and increase social skills while emphasizing academics and building healthy parent/family relationships.

Participants in the ExpoGro program are invited to attend an annual Etiquette Banquet, where they may showcase their social skills and celebrate their achievements.

The ExpoGro program is housed in the Clinton L. Thomas Community Building located at 700 Roberts Avenue, Pembroke, North Carolina, with Pembroke Housing Authority overseeing responsibility for the operation of the program. All costs associated with the ExpoGro program are funded in part by the Robeson County Juvenile Crime Prevention Council and PHA. The ExpoGro program is provided at no cost to youth that are residents of PHA.

For more information on the ExpoGro Program, contact PHA at (910) 521-1261 or (877) 735-8200 (TDD).