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Complaint Policy

The Pembroke Housing Authority owns and manages 243 public housing units within the Town of Pembroke with a resident population of approximately six hundred. The safety and security of its residents is a high priority. To that end, every effort is made to investigate all complaints or reports of possible lease violations that the Authority receives from residents. The Authority's objective is to provide for the most efficient, responsible manner of receiving and processing complaints thereby decreasing and/or eliminating frivolous, false accusations that waste valuable administrative resources.

PURPOSE: To provide a responsible mechanism whereby credible, non-frivolous data and information received in the form of a complaint relating to possible lease violations is transmitted to the appropriate staff of the PHA.

SCOPE: This policy shall apply to all residents of the PHA, excluding the elderly and disabled, and other interested persons that desire to share/report information to the PHA regarding possible lease violations from current residents. This policy does not relieve one of his/her duty or privilege to notify the proper authorities in reporting a violation of criminal code or seeking civil remedies.

PROCEDURE: The following procedures shall be followed when reporting information to the PHA regarding residency issues and possible lease violations.

  1. Residents with information to report shall do so in writing in a responsible manner without regard for anonymity by completing a PHA Complaint Form. Complaint forms are available at the Administrative Office located at 606 Lumbee Street in Locklear Court.

  2. PHA staff through the use of (1) informal inquiries with the accused resident or (2) group conferences with all affected parties shall promptly investigate written complaints and document findings within the TEAMUP Note Module.

  3. Complaints of a life-threatening nature may be handled through a telephone call provided that a written complaint is filed with the PHA within twenty-four (24) hours.

  4. Complaints regarding possible damage to personal property may be taken by a telephone call provided that a written complaint is filed with the PHA within seventy-two (72) hours.

AUTHORITY: All permanent, full-time administrative staff of the PHA shall have the authority to administer the provisions of this policy.     

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