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Vehicle Registration Policy

It is the policy of the Pembroke Housing Authority to provide an environment conducive to family living; therefore, free of drugs and drug-related crime.  To better achieve this objective, the Board of Commissioners hereby adopts the following policy statement:

  • All vehicles owned and/or operated on the premises of the Authority by any resident, or member of any resident household, shall be registered with the Authority and shall comply with the regulations and laws of the State of North Carolina; ordinances of the Town of Pembroke, Inc.; and any other applicable local laws.

Each vehicle operated on the premises by a resident must be registered in accordance with the procedures set forth below.  These registrations provide the Authority with the necessary tools to identify both resident and non-resident automobiles operated on the Authority's properties.

All new residents must register his/her vehicle no later than ten (10) days of executing his/her lease with the Authority.   All current residents must register his/her newly acquired vehicle within ten (10) days of acquiring ownership with the Authority.  Failure to do so will constitute a violation of the lease agreement and may subject the resident to eviction procedures.  Residents will be allowed to register up to two (2) vehicles at one time per resident household; provided, the vehicle is (1) owned by a resident with current, valid drivers license, or other member of the household with a current, valid drivers license; or (2) in the possession of the licensed resident, or other licensed member of the household, with ownership belonging to a non-resident parent, grandparent, brother, sister, son, or daughter.  The vehicle must also be properly registered with the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles and be covered by minimum general liability insurance requirements as determined by the State of North Carolina.

Residents shall provide a current registration card for verification of ownership and current compliance with State regulations at the time of registration.  Residents shall maintain liability insurance and receive annual inspections of the registered vehicle annually per State law.

The Authority will provide a numbered decal that must be applied to the left, rear bumper of the registered vehicle immediately upon receipt of the sticker from Authority personnel.  This sticker must be displayed at all times.

If a resident fails to (1) register his/her vehicle; (2) remove from the premises a vehicle that has been denied registration; (3) display the parking decal on the registered car; or (4) maintain the vehicle in accordance with applicable laws and regulations of the State of North Carolina, Town of Pembroke, or future policies adopted by the Authority, he/she shall be subject to eviction procedures.

If a resident shall be denied the privilege of registering his/her vehicle, he/she may request to be considered as an exception to the rule.  The resident must submit a written request explaining their rationale for exception to the Executive Director within ten (10) calendar days of denial